Main Street Parking Concept - Design the City With a Car Carousel Scheme

Not long ago, I was talking to a friend of mine about the idea of driving your car onto a train, just as you might drive into a parking structure, and then parking your car. And letting the train drive you to your location, and then driving your car off onto the loading ramp and into the city were ever your intended destination was. Interestingly enough, a company called TTX owns tens of thousands of rail cars that are three stories high and they ship all the new cars for all the automobile manufacturers to the ports so they can be loaded on ships and sent all over the world.

They also take cars from all over the world which are offloaded from ships and deliver them to all the dealerships in our nation. We could use something like that. Each one of those railcars is 100 feet long and can easily hold 12 modern automobiles. 12 cars might have 20 people that go along with them, and each railcar could have a bathroom, some snack machines, it would be very similar to taking a ferry. Now then, with this same concept in mind could we have main streets in large Metro cities with some sort of a similar parking system? Let me explain this concept.

As you pull up to where you want to go, park your car, select on the meter how long you will be in the store, and then get out of your car, secure it, and walk away. There would be a rail going along the closest lane to where you parallel parked, which would come along grab your car, and take it around the back into a parking structure, or off to a side rail where would wait until it was time for you to come out again. When you went back to the parking meter you would simply press a button, and your car would be delivered back along that rail.

This would allow 10 or 12 or even 15 cars to park in the exact same spot, at the exact same parking meter, and the robotic mechanism on the rail would valet park their cars for them until they were needed again. It would alleviate all of the challenges with parking in the city, and it would solve endless other problems. If you'd like to discuss this further, or the concept of robotic parking structures with this sort of system built in conjunction with that methodology, then I hope you will please shoot me an e-mail so we can talk about it.

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The New Lamborghini Gallardo and Gallardo LP570-4 With Forged Wheels

Throughout the history of Lamborghini, no model has been more successful than the Gallardo, selling over 13,000 units since it was first released to the public back in 2003. The super car has gone through a number of generations and redesigns and before the next major update the automaker has decided to refresh the current-generation car and showcase it at the 2012 Paris Motor Show. The new car features new looks with different colored bodywork, forged wheels, and updated LED lighting along with the same powerful engine and transmission as used in pre-updated models.

The first model showcased at the Paris Motor Show was the standard Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4. The refreshed design makes the super car appear more dynamic and aggressive while incorporating new technology such as LED lighting inside the headlights and taillights. A new fascia was given to the Gallardo that features trapezoidal shapes and larger air intakes to help cool the engine and braking system. The update also helps to generate downforce by incorporating a new spoiler for better handling at high speeds.

Each side of the new Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 features more aerodynamic sills that flow into new air inlets to cool the rear brakes and engine. New forged wheels also help to trim the weight at the wheel hub and showcase a new double-spoke design with glossy black finish and silver polished machined spokes.

At the rear of the Lamborghini Gallardo sits the same trapezoidal and angular design cues along with a larger air outlet that helps to dissipate a greater amount of heat. A rear diffuser also helps to keep the axle planted and handle better by taking advantage of the ventrui effect.

Next to the Gallardo LP560-4 display was the new Gallardo LP570-4 Edizione Tecnica. The new all-wheel drive model will be powered by a tuned version of the 5.2-liter V-10 engine with 570 horsepower and e-gear transmission. The Edizione Tecnica is a more driver-oriented car that boasts a large rear carbon fiber spoiler that generates a large amount of downforce, new carbon ceramic brakes with greater stopping power, and lightweight forged wheels that improve overall driving performance. The new super car will also come standard with a two-tone color scheme with a contrasting color being painted on the roof arches and front air intakes to highlight the curves and sharp edges of the car's profile.

The new Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 and Gallardo 570-4 Edizione Tecnica will be available in November of 2012 with a full range of performance and styling options such as forged wheels, upgraded brakes, interior materials, and more.

Douglas Cougevan is a contributing writer at COR Wheels. COR Wheels specializes in in forged wheels in step lip, concave, and three-piece designs.

Different Kind of Car Logo Designs That You Can Use

Cars have always been a sign of luxury and pride and they have enjoyed a rich history. Businesses related to cars have always enjoyed the attention of the people because of new designs, innovation and technology. Their emblem or signage has always been sought for creativity and uniqueness. These businesses have always enticed the speed demons using bright, bold colors, fonts and images. To add classiness, the companies have restricted themselves in using their names in the emblems.

A car logo design will help you stand tall among the audience and will help you distinguish from the rest. So, it is necessary that the right kind of images, fonts and colors are used to make your mark. Make sure that you keep your emblem simple and do not use multiple colors or images to give a clutter look. There are four different kinds of logo designs that car businesses can use to develop their brand identity for marketing.

1. Text based only:

Most of the famous car businesses keep their logo text based only. These big companies set trends with their name and it is due to their massiveness that they become acceptable with a name logo. Brands such as Nissan and Ford us their name only to set themselves apart from the crowd and it is their font style that makes them memorable and distinct.

2. Using symbols:

Big brands such as BMW and Chevrolet uses symbol to make their mark. These emblems are simple yet sophisticated. Whenever drawn, these simple symbols are easily identifiable. Their simplicity has made them popular and unique. The symbol speaks of the characteristics of the brand. For example, the BMW roundel represents sporty and smart nature of the brand while its blue and white checked circle represents propellers as well as connects its back to the place where it is manufactured.

3. Company Initials:

Others such as Suzuki, Honda, Lexus and many others had only used company initials to brand themselves across the globe. These companies use a mixture of text and art to portray the meaning and ambition of the company through the curves and style of fonts. Through the usage of initials the companies have successfully set themselves apart from others.

4. Imagery logos:

Many car logos have used intricate designs to establish their brand mark. These identities create a deeper meaning when seen. Companies like Ferrari have used animals to attribute the company with the quality of the animal. The animal embellished car logo designs represent power, strength and speed, and also add a deeper meaning to the image.

Just like Ferrari's horse represent not only power and speed but also pay homage to the Italian air force pilot who lost his life in WWI.

Jessica Thompson is a senior graphic design consultant at logo design consultant who has more then 10 years of experience in logo and car

The New Prior Design PDM1 BMW With COR Wheels and 425 HP

The BMW 1 Series is a very popular model for not just BMW enthusiasts but automotive enthusiasts around the world for its superb handling and performance capabilities - especially the 135i model. While BMW does offer a more powerful 1 Series M Coupe that is said to be the real successor to the legendary E30 M3 from the late-1980s/early 1990s, the standard models offer quite a bit of performance without the incredible price tag of the M model. Prior Design has created a new PDM1 program for BMW 1 Series owners that want that exclusivity of the 1 M Coupe but with even greater performance. The new upgrade kit focuses mainly on the exterior with new aerodynamic body work and COR Wheels, but also improves the driving experience with a more powerful engine upgrade kit.

The entire exterior of the Prior Design PDM1 BMW 1 Series model is drastically different. It's more aggressive, powerful, and muscular, while also achieving better aerodynamic properties. The kit features a new front bumper with enlarged air intake openings to cool the engine and brakes, a new splitter for increased downforce, and a new aerofoil helps to redirect air away from each of the front COR Wheels. A new side skirt set helps to calm airflow around the rear axle while a new lightweight hood with air vents and power bulge allows for better cooling of the engine. The rear sports a new trunk-mounted spoiler that generates downforce, a new bumper with more aggressive styling, and a diffuser with integrated exhaust outlets.

The twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter engine was also given a healthy dose of power thanks to the Prior Design engine modifications. The 3.0-liter inline-six was fitted with a new air intake system, a stainless steel sport exhaust with valve flaps and sport catalytic converters for optimum backpressure, and a new software tune that alters a great deal of ignition, timing, and more variables within the engine. The result is an increase in boost pressure and a total of 425 horsepower being sent to each of the rear COR Wheels for quicker acceleration and a higher top speed.

After creating a visually dynamic and aerodynamic PDM1 body kit, and improving the engine's performance, the team at Prior Design focused on modifying the chassis to complete the package aesthetically. The entire suspension was modified with a new coilover kit from KW Suspension that lowers the front and rear axles by 20 mm. The brakes were also modified with new performance pads and stainless steel brake lines. The final touch was a set of new COR Wheels in a 8.5 x 19 front and 10.5 x 19 rear setup with Continental Sport tires for greater amounts of traction.

All of the upgrades in the Prior Design PDM1 program are available for the BMW 1 Series models (except BMW 1 M Coupes).

Douglas Cougevan is a contributing writer at COR Wheels. COR Wheels specializes in 3 piece wheels and monoblock rims in a variety of both traditional step lip, reverse, and concave designs.